Hickey+Warner and Make/Shift/Space


We are Birmingham based artists Claire Hickey and Emily Warner, who work in collaboration to produce self and site responsive artworks using performance, film, collections and multiples, printed media, and sculptural objects. We work across diverse public platforms, creating live spaces and performative sites for public interaction. Using socially engaged practice and action-research methods that fuse historical, social and cultural references, we establish alternative narratives about people and place. Make/Shift/Space is our recent venture supported by Arts Council England and mac Birmingham. The mobile structure acts as a studio, workshop and gallery space; connecting the mechanics of everyday space with the process of artistic production, giving visibility to the work that artists do.



For Re:Connections H&W are turning the MSS structure into a live feed, which will act as a tangible collection of material generated from their interactions with the LEEBANK site. Layering historical references, maps and site plans, with snippets of conversation, and illustrated observations, they are inviting members of the public to engage physically in-situ. For the first half of their time spent on the LEEBANK site, they will be collating material using hand-drawn illustrations, manipulated clay objects and information updates on social media platforms. This will form the basis of the design of further small-scale structures that will invite participants to deposit further layers of responses in a sculptural site-specific way.

Hickey+Warner with Make/Shift/Space

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