Assembling Dialogues. March/April 2019


Arabic coffee   (Assembling Dialogues photo credits, unless otherwise stated: Kia Aria)


Assembling Dialogues was a multisensory installation curated by Claire Hickey and Emily Warner in collaboration with artist Kaye Winwood (taste) and Dr Jieling Xiao (smell) with sound by Will Taylor and Remi Andrews. The installation layered and assembled images, tactile objects, taste, smells and the sounds of conversations between the artists and residents, and the background environment. These multisensory materials were gathered, made, documented and recorded during the walks with residents led by Claire Hickey and Emily Warner in October, or were in response to the conversations that took place during the walks (part of the ‘Dialogues’ phase).

Assembling Dialogue events took place in March at Edgbaston Community Centre and St Thomas Nursery Centre in March where residents explored and interacted with the installation.

At the previous ‘Dialogues’ session with parents at St Thomas Nursery Centre, food, drink and hospitality was talked about as a celebration of cultural heritage and was integral to their experience of living in Lee Bank. The parents shared their coffees, teas and light snacks as part of the Assembling Dialogues event.

In April, Presenting Dialogues brought artists, housing professionals, planners and sustainability and public health professionals together to experience Assembling Dialogues and discuss how the project could contribute to wider regeneration practice and policy. The event took place at STEAMhouse, Birmingham.


Fries and ketchup
Toast and rose petal jam.
Eritrean Coffee
Thick banana milkshake

image credit: Kia Aria
Re:connections – Presenting Dialogues April 2019 at STEAMhouse (photo credit: Jenny Peevers)

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